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Moonstone Opal Ring - Eternity

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About This Ring

Our Moonstone Opal Ring - Eternity features three breathtaking gemstones that radiate irresistible shades.

Our authentic Moon Magic Rainbow Moonstone and Ethiopian Opals elegantly elevate this ring through its color while White Topaz gems ensure this statement piece is treasured for years to come.

Details of the Moonstone

- Authentic Moon Magic Rainbow Moonstone

- Stone Size:  0.24" x 0.16" (6mm x 4mm)
- Cut: Cabochon cut 

How To Style 

The Moonstone Opal Ring - Eternity is a versatile and a standalone statement piece for your stylish everyday life. Without a doubt, this beauty will add sparkle and elegance to any look, from casual white T-shirt to sophisticated night-out look. 

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